Exciting Bingo Games Played each Friday

Regular Bingo Games

  • Each game pays out in a range of $150.00 to $500.00

  • Fifteen games are played each Friday.  The patterns vary e.g.  Regular Bingo or 4 Corners,  Little H, Hardway Bingo, etc.

  • Five games are SPECIAL GAMES these games have larger payouts.  You can buy extra sheets for these games (3 faces for 50¢)

Progressive Games

  • The grand bingo prize starts at $1,000 and is increased each week.
  • Game 10 = BOW TIE - Grand Prize winner is bingo within 12 balls
  • Game 13 = CRAZY PYRAMID -Grand Prize winner is bingo within 14 balls
  • When the GRAND PRIZE reaches $1,199 the ball restriction is gone and the GRAND BINGO PRIZE WILL BE AWARDED THAT FRIDAY.
  • To see an instruction video Click Here

Event Ticket Games

These games are similar to pull-tabs however some of the tickets are used to play for the grand prize.  Play the tickets like you would a bingo game using your dauber.  Grand Prizes are in the range of $200 - $500!

To see an instruction video Click Here